The Customer Service YOU Deserve!

  • We work hard to provide service that reflects impressive turn times!
  • Personalized customer service online, on phone or on-site

Cleaner and Better Tasting Product!

Our finished product is washed using the GreenGate Fresh superior five step wash processes, producing:

  • Better shelf life
  • Fresher taste
  • No off smell at the end of shelf life

Sustainability and 100% USA Grown Means:

  • Water and energy conservation on the farm and in our processing plant
  • Reduced pesticide and chemical use in growing and processing
  • More efficient transportation costs by maximizing cases per pallet
  • Use of recycled and recyclable packaging materials
  • Composting of waste

Better/Stronger Bag Seals from GreenGate Fresh!

Our unique 3 sided bag results in:

  • Less leakers
  • Longer shelf life
The GreenGate Difference!