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USDA Quality Monitoring Program Approved for GreenGate Fresh!

GreenGate Fresh is excited to announce that we have partnered with the USDA Specialty Crops Inspection Division to help develop the USDA Quality Monitoring Program. After months of rigorous inspections, developing protocols and gathering feedback from all levels of the supply chain, we are thrilled to roll this program out to our clients and provide the level of transparency the industry deserves. This program provides unbiased, third-party inspections of finished product as well as verification of our plant’s Food Safety programs through unannounced facility audits. USDA regional inspectors are currently reviewing our products at distribution centers across the country to monitor quality defects, inspect packaging, verify temperatures and provide an overall unbiased evaluation to ultimately provide the highest quality product possible to our customers.

All GreenGate Fresh products are certified through this program and bear the USDA Quality Monitored seal. Ask your supplier or GreenGate sales representative for more information!